Help! I’m Surrounded by Amateurs!

by riskingtruth

I am reading a great book by Steve Siebold called 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. The reason this book is so great for me is not because I am learning tips and tricks from it, or being challenged to think in a new way, but rather, I am watching as he articulates the way I have come to think in my life already, and affirms my thinking as being great. Everything he writes is spot on with all that I have become. And because I used to think in what Steve would call an “amateur’s” way, I can see the difference very clearly. Steve compares the thinking of amateurs and pros, and explains why some people are successful and others aren’t.

As he compares the two, I am beginning to realize that one of the reasons I struggle is that I am surrounded by people who think like amateurs and therefore can’t understand what I’m saying when I speak out my heart. They’re coming from an entirely different perspective that I have to constantly fight against.

Recently I was discouraged for a couple days about the position I am going after because HotGuy was talking to a few of the reps who already work there and told me all they were complaining about with the company. Their complaints were nothing that worries me personally, but the negativity made me wonder if I was being foolish to not worry about it. After digesting it and finding my own truth on it, I realized where the disconnect was. Most people are looking for the path of least resistance. They want to make the most amount of money for the least amount of effort. And when they fail to be successful, it’s always because the system has a problem, not them. I’ve seen this over and over again with reps. They complain about the market being down, the product being bad, the hours being long, etc… They switch companies all the time hoping to find one that will pay well and require nothing in return. Their goal is “cruise control” in a territory. How can I get to the point where I don’t have to think or work anymore and can just relax?

I do not think that way. My goal is to devour the world. To challenge myself to my limits so that I can see how tall I really am. I am not looking to settle down and retire. I am not looking to arrive or end. I am looking to accomplish as much as possible with whatever time I have left on this earth. In fact, I turned down a position that would have paid me the same amount as the job I’m going for and been easier, because I knew I’d be bored. It wasn’t challenging enough for me. I’m not looking for a job, I’m looking for an experience. I’m looking to grow another foot and be propelled into higher and greater levels of living with every step. When I get to the point where it’s easy, I’ll be moving on to the next big thing because I’m not looking for easy. Easy is boring. I HATE being bored. In fact, I can trace almost all my depression to times when I’ve been bored.

This is why I am tackling Crossfit at the moment. It is extremely entertaining to me. Every time I go I accomplish something I haven’t before. I make sure of it. And I get a high from it. Yet, there is so much negativity at Crossfit from people who are looking to be “there” already. They can’t stand that there are things too challenging for them at the moment and they want to just fast forward to the point where they are elite athletes and can do everything perfectly. These are the people that hurt themselves doing things they’re not ready for, and walk around the gym feeling sorry for themselves or defeated after a workout. And then they quote studies saying Crossfit is bad for you, etc… Hell, I don’t even care if it’s bad for me. If it were sociably acceptable, and I had the energy after doing all that work, I’d jump around and scream from the excitement I get having achieved what I just did. I LOVE it! When Crossfit becomes easy, I’ll move onto something else.

So reading this book has been good for me because it’s like having a friend to talk to that knows where I’m coming from in life and thinks it’s the better thought process. This friend is telling me I’m going to be a champion because of my thinking. He’s telling me I’m happier and healthier than those amateurs. I need that because I’m surrounded by amateurs day in and day out who tell me otherwise. They wonder why I don’t prefer suburbia, a retirement fund, and the easy road over change, new challenges, and adventure. They make me feel like there’s something wrong or immature about my thinking and I hate it. I am in a constant internal battle trying to defend myself against their thinking. The extreme amateurs have been kicked out of my life, but those subtle ones are beginning to feel like they’re even more dangerous, as I don’t realize their thoughts are taking over my mind right away, I just go around doubting my resolve. I need to make friends in the champion quarter, but I’m discovering they’re a rare find. I’m adding it to the 5 year plan: make good friends. For now, Steve Siebold will have to do.