Help! I’m Being Hunted by the Stomach Flu and I Have an Interview in 2 Days!

Well my 2nd interview is finally here. I am 2 measly days away from it after waiting almost 2 months since my first interview. And guess what? My boys have the stomach flu! I am downing Airborn like my life depends on it. Can you imagine having to cancel because I’m seriously sick? No. That WILL NOT happen. I feel like I’m being hunted down by that flu, like in The Hunger Games, and I am going to do everything I can to avoid it. If it finds me, I hope it isn’t until the day after my interview. Hell, if it hits me the moment I return home from the interview, fine, but it CANNOT prevent me from meeting up with this manager to move forward. ((Fingers crossed, holy water sprinkled, blood sacrifices made.))

Surprisingly, I’m glad the process has taken as long as it has. The time has allowed me to hone in on my self-belief. Like working out a muscle, I’m deepening my resolve. I’ve been reading 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold a lot lately to keep me in the right mindset. Like I mentioned in another post, it’s like having a like minded friend to pump me up and tell me I’m wonderful whenever I’m reading it. I need that because I feel so insecure and out there when I stop and look around. The mentality of the masses catches up with me and I think to myself that I must be crazy! But, when I read or hear from others who see the world and all it’s potential in the way that I do, I feel like I might not be that crazy after all. Maybe, just maybe, the masses are the ones who are lost.

This is a big transition for me, and when I think about how close it is, I get a nervous pit in my stomach. Like I’m standing in the airplane with my parachute on my back and I’m about to jump. I want to do it. Hell, I have to do it. But now that I’m about to do it, I’m freaking out a bit. I guess that’s what makes it great.

This is what comes from reaching for things beyond my comfort zone. Quite honestly, if it hadn’t been a stretch that would take me forward this much, I wouldn’t have gone for it. I’m not interested in wasting time with the mundane or mediocre. I’m interested in growth. In the conquering of self full expression of all that is in me.

So I’m taking today and tomorrow to polish up all that I need to know before my interview, so I can be 100% confident that I did everything in my power to get this position. And I’m going to this interview with the assurance that I’m my best self. I feel like I can be at peace with any outcome knowing I laid it all on the table and held nothing back. And when I do get this position, I’ve had the time and mental space to set intentions and plans for all the areas in my life that I want to focus on, so I will be able to leap at 100%, beginning this leg of my journey with full force.