I named this blog “RiskingTruth”, because I am doing just that. I am telling the full truth about how I feel in the moment, no matter what it is. I do not sensor it to preserve anyone’s feelings. I do not change things to be political or kind. I do not elaborate to make myself seem more interesting than I am. I do not promise to wrap up ideas, explain transitions in thinking, or give closure on previous posts. I will just be me.

Why? Because it makes me feel alive! Because I have come to the point in my life where I cannot contain it inside me anymore. Because taking what’s inside and declaring it to someone, even if that someone is an anonymous face with a made up name, somehow gives life to my emotions and makes them real. This blog is for me. It is an outlet where I can make myself known to myself, and use a theoretical audience as my sounding board.

Ironically, in order to accomplish total freedom and truth, I have decided this blog must be completely anonymous. I wish this weren’t true, but it’s the nature of humans to reflect back what they hear with their own issues attached to it, so no one, not even those closest to me, knows that I am writing this blog. My entire audience is unknown to me, and while they will know the most intimate parts of my soul, I will be unknown to them.

No comments are allowed on this blog, as I must not be tempted to start pleasing those who follow me. But you may share what you read with others, and talk to them about it all you want. And I will picture you adoring my every emotion, seeing my every thought as amazing, and ultimately relating to everything I have to say.